Our Story

How it all started


In 2017 Solveig decided to make yoga affordable and accessible to people in her hometown, who are new in Frankfurt and don’t necessarily speak German.

Through her travels abroad she realized how important it was to be able to understand a yoga class to do the sequence properly. Being a native German speaker herself, she noticed how hard it was for others to follow a German yoga class and how expensive it was to have a membership at studios.

This is how English Yoga Meetup was born in Frankfurt! English Yoga Meetup now organizes weekly yoga events in Frankfurt on donation-base without any contracts attached. Since recently there are also yoga events in Munich.

So what are you waiting for? See you on the mat!

“The aim is to give people the chance to make time for themselves by doing yoga and to discover new places along the journey.”

A brand activation start-up

English Yoga meetup builds a connection between healthy lifestyle products and services and their local yoga communities through events and on social media. If you want to promote your conscious product or service, then look no further and contact us!