My Yoga Story

Hi, I am Solveig, your yoga teacher.


I have founded Frankfurt English Yoga Meetup almost 2 years ago with the mission to make yoga affordable and accessible to foreigners in Frankfurt, that don't necessarily speak German.


During my travels all over the world, I have realized how hard it is to follow a yoga class if you don't get the instructions right.  And it can be quite overwhelming to be in a German yoga class, when your language skills are limited.


We meet 1-3 times a week at different locations in the heart of Frankfurt, that I rent for the occasion. My yoga style is rather active, but involves relaxing elements, too. Feel free to come around if you are new to yoga or an advanced yogi.


In 2017 I have done a 5 month sabbatical and went to Australia to do my 200hrs hatha yoga teacher training in Byron Bay. I have gained my first experiences as a teacher in a retreat in Sydney and worked as a karma yogi in a studio in Adelaide. Back from Australia, I now teach yoga as a freelancer in Frankfurt.


For me yoga is a means to move and connect with my body after a long day in the office. It also helps me to deal with my chronic back pain. I see, yoga as an approach to get to know myself better and to accept who I really am. Wanna join me on this journey? 3.300+ yogis have joined already. What are you waiting for?


I am looking forward to meeting you on the mat.


Namaste, Solveig


PS: If you wanna know more about me, here is my yoga story and 20 surprising facts about me.