Discover frankfurt

Frankfurt Englsh Yoga Meetup brings you to lovely places in your city! Here is a selection of other cool places you should not miss!


Where to have your coffee on Saturday?

Head over to café Fein in Nordend. Nestled in a little park, you will find everything here, that you need for a good start into your weekend. 

Where to have brunch?

So you haven’t seen each other for ages? You have plenty of new gossip to share. What you need is a place like Café Glücklich that serves good coffee and some pancakes.

Where to have the best lunch ever?

If you are working close to Mainzer Landstrasse then make sure to check out the lovely place “Marielou” that serves delicious bowls and quiches.

Where to have the best carrot cake?

There’s a café called Matildas Kitchen
nestled in the Westend. There you either
meet women, who are becoming mothers
soon, or mums that meet other mums
over coffee and cake.

Where to eat & to produce zero waste?

There’s a shop at Berger Strasse where you can get your organic veggies and some fresh soups. Everything comes without packaging to avoid additional waste.


Where to go to escape the city?

That’s an easy one! Jump on the bus from Konstablerwache and head to Lohrberg. After around 20min jump off the bus and walk along the fields and little gardens until you reach the Lohrberg Schänke, a little beer garden on top of the hill.

How to get to the beach?

There’s no beach in Frankfurt?! Well you are wrong. There is a tiny beach in Niederrad, close to Universitätsklinikum. You can prepare a little picnic and watch the sun go down at the beach.

Where to grow your own veggies?

So if you are living in Frankfurt, you probably don’t have the luxury of having your own
garden. However, if you are living close to Eastend, you might visit the Neuer Frankfurter Garten, which is a communal area right in the city.

Where to reconnect with nature?

Getting tired of busy city life? Leave Konstablerwache behind and jump off at Enkheimer Ried.

Where to see untouched

At first you will only see a little bit of sand, but when
you cross the bridge, you will find yourself
surrounded by many dunes all of the sudden.


Where to spoil yourself?

Okay, so you had a hard week. Your boss was annoying and the weather in Frankfurt sucks too. Then it’s high time to get yourself a little bit spoiled.

Where to experience the art scene?

Frankfurt is not known for a big art scene like Berlin. Yes, I know there is the Städel and Schirn... Nevertheless there are a couple of galleries around the cathedral. One of
my favorite galleries is “Galerie Montez” behind the new European Central Bank.

Where to go for a urban detox?

There a several salt caves in Frankfurt. Once of them is in Nordend. From the outside it looks like a tiny shop. However when you go inside, you will see a little

Where to learn about ayurveda?

Ayurveda is the ancient wisdom about health from India. Ayurveda is often considered to be the big sister of yoga, because they go hand in hand.

Where to do yoga at the airport?

Okay, so you have spent sooo many weekends in Frankfurt but you can’t help but feel like leaving the city?! I’ve got you covered.