The yoga community is at the core of English Yoga Meetup. Our Frankfurt community is full of awesome individuals with fantastic projects, skills and passions.  

We invite the yoga community here to share their offerings -  whether you're an entrepreneur, a freelancer or an employee for a company that stands for something truly good. We're honored to showcase what you do and help others to find you! The idea is to create a valuable exchange of services between fellow yogis: people you know you can trust.

Want to expand your community by having your details featured on this page? Get in touch!

Photo & Video

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Loreone Theodora - great photographer with an eye for the details


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Solveig Priebe -  Digital Marketing, Websites, Social Media Marketing


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Valentina Levant - Coaching for happy high performance; buddhist & shamanic wisdom

Danielle van de Kemenade - Coaching & couples counselling

Lucia Pavlikova - Mindset & Transformation Coach


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Judith Konrad - 1:1 Reiki sessions


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Doreen Stolle - focus on healthy vegan diet


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Vatsala Murthy- focus on high quality socially-conscious designs