Hi, I am Solveig, your yoga teacher.


I have founded Frankfurt English Yoga Meetup almost 2 years ago with the mission to make yoga affordable and accessible to foreigners in Frankfurt, that don't necessarily speak German.


A lot of my students ask me how I started with yoga. To be honest, yoga and I wasn’t a love-at-first-sight relationship. And I hadn’t even planned to become a yoga teacher one day.


But, well, then life comes in between…


I had my first yoga lesson around 10 years ago in Zurich. It was a hot yoga studio, heated up to almost 40 degrees. I was literally dying. My best friend brought me there, telling me that Lady Gaga does her workout there too. We had got the 10-day pass, but only went twice 😂. It took me 6 years to enter another yoga studio…


In 2013, I got serious health issues in Paris. I had seen a lot of doctors but no one could help. There was only one who told me to do yoga, because of my creepy spine. Well, I followed that advice, but still didn’t really enjoy the classes.


In 2015, I backpacked through South East Asia and did yoga at beautiful places… On top of mountains in a secluded open-air studio, at the beach… at beautiful spots in Lombok. That’s when I realized that location was key for me, and that yoga works so well when you are travelling. All you need is to pack yourself.


In May 2017, I decided to do my yoga teacher training at a beautiful spot, and so went to Byron Bay, Australia. There’s a lot of that hippie and spiritual vibe there. I started the training with the intention to improve my own practice and to learn more about the human anatomy. During the 200 hours of training, I realized that I liked to be on the other side of the mat, and that I enjoy teaching. So here I am. You know the rest of the story.


So, don’t worry, even if you are not into yoga right away, it is an evolving process. And sometimes, it takes 10 years. 😉



Frankfurt English Yoga Meetup organizes 2-4 times yoga sessions per week at different locations in the heart of Frankfurt. I teach most of the classes, but I have support from lovely guest teachers as well, who bring in their very own style.  My yoga style is rather active, but involves relaxing elements, too. Feel free to come around if you are new to yoga or an advanced yogi.



For me yoga is a means to move and connect with my body after a long day in the office. It also helps me to deal with my chronic back pain. I see, yoga as an approach to get to know myself better and to accept who I really am. Wanna join me on this journey? 


See you on the mat.


Namaste, Solveig