Yoga & pain

A lot of people turn to  yoga, because they experience some kind of pain - physical or mental pain - and want to overcome it. There is indepth research and studies that confirm that yoga provides health benefits, because it comes back to the basics - feeling into your body, getting to know you and learning what's good for you and what's not.


My yoga journey also started because of chronic pain. I had chest pain for 2 years and doctors couldn't help until I have met one who told me to learn yoga and get independent from doctors and painkillers (check out my book about this topic). During that difficult time I also came across about myofascial release techniques. Most of the time, physical pain in our body is created by too much tension. Blackroll excersices can help to release the muscle. Stretching poses help to lengthen the muscles afterwards.


There are some doctors called Liebscher & Bracht from Bad Homburg who work on pain managment by using myofascial release techniques and accupressure. They have launched several youtube videos (German only, sorry), that are worth to check out.


If you are struggling with pain, I recommend that you check out their channel and to get the the fascia roll set. Even if you don't have chronic pain it feels nice to roll out your tight muscles after doing yoga.


They have also developed recently a new tool kit to do some light osteopressur massage on yourself. I have it in use now for 2 months and - in combination with the fascia roll set and yoga - it helps me a lot to release tight muscles and to manage my chronic back pain.



Enjoy your yoga practice and stay healthy.


See you soon on the mat.