1. How much shall I donate for the class?
Pay what the class was worth to you. Please remember a regular yoga class in Frankfurt costs between 17 and 25 Euro. Please don't abuse the system by paying less for your yoga than for your coffee-to-go in the morning. That's not very yogi style. I am sure you don't want to belong to that type of person. The money is used to pay for:


- the rent of the locations (which easily adds up in Frankfurt)

- the subscription costs to run a group on Meetup

- the purchase of equipment (such as aroma oils, healthy snacks and tea)

- the subscription costs of music providers to create playlists

- the costs to attend further trainings to deepen my knowledge of yoga

- the costs to run and maintain a website to publish classes

- the costs to pay guest teachers and key note speakers


So please, when you leave the yoga class, consider these expenses and make a donation that  is fair and that leaves you and your yoga teacher with a good feeling. It is your contribution that counts to keep Frankfurt English Yoga Meetup alive. Thank you.



2. Do I need to bring a yoga mat?

Unfortunately, I can't bring around a mat for you. If you are still looking for mat recommendations, please check out my blog.



3 . Can I do yoga if I have a medical condition?

Please consult  with your doctor first. Yoga has a lot of positive effects that are beneficial for your health and can help if you suffer from tight muscles. Do you have knee, neck or back pain? Keep on reading this blogpost with my recommendations for you.



4. How to get informed about your yoga classes?

Allow notificationds for the "Frankfurt English Yoga Meetup" group on the Meetup app to get informed. Or follow me on Facebook or Instagram to stay in the information loop.



5. Can I show up if I am a beginner?
Yes, I always show variations of each pose, so you decide if you wanna take it easy or challenge yourself. I have beginner classes on Thursdays once in a while. Just check on the meetup app. Please bring your yoga mat around to all classes. If you don't have a yoga mat yet, check out my recommendations here.



6. How often do you offer classes?
At least 2 - 3 times a week. Simply download the meetup app and reserve for the classes that work with your schedule. Please avoid last minute cancellations. If you have to cancel, simply change your reservation status via the app.



7. I am on the waiting list. What does that mean?

It might happen that you reserve your spot, but the meetup is already full. You can still reserve but will be put on the waiting list. There are a lot of people that cancel last minute. You will get a notification from Meetup when a spot frees up for you. If you have made other plans in the meantime, please change your reservation status no later than 24h before the meetup starts. 



8. What yoga style do you teach?
I am  a 200hrs certified hatha yoga teacher. My style is a mix of hatha and vinyasa, focussing on strength, flexibility and dynamic flows. I did my teacher training in May 2017 in Australia and worked in a yoga retreat in Sydney and in Adelaide.



9. What oils do you use at the end of your class?

Smells good, right? :) I have written a blogpost about it with my favorite brands.




Yoga mat recommendations


Find your perfect mat!